Four years ago I visited Easter Island and then was fortunate to find an award ticket to South Africa for a 27 day adventure that changed the course of my life.  I started a blog, PhilaTravelGirl – Flying By the Seat of My Points,  in the crowded blog space of anyone who travels can write a blog.  I tried to be different bringing my corporate luxury travel experience, miles & points hobby and my desire to show others that they can travel the world for less and stay in amazing luxury.  Luxury for less.  I attended conferences and met amazing travel folks from around the globe that are now friends I meet and consult with regulary.  A natural evolution to helping others with their travels via my blog posts is actually helping them plan and book their dream trips.  So that’s where Arden Road Travel comes in.  It’s the next step in my end to end travel knowledge and vast experience.

Time is a commodity in our busy lives and I had to laugh when someone commented “Travel Agents still exist”?  Yes, we prefer the term “travel advisors” as we share our expertise with you and advise you on options to consider after we know your preferences.  We provide a valuable service and charge a fee just like any other service professional. We’ve outsourced our lives already to accountants, lawyers, landscapers and even Uber so why not travel planning?

Having aligned myself with a host agency, Avenue Two Travel, I have access to the Virtuoso network of preferred suppliers and experiences as well as other travel vendors. I also have access to modern luxury vendors, preferred rates and private guides. Want to rent an island?  I can do that!  Want to have a luxury Disney World vacation?  I can plan that!  Join a group? Check! Sail on a cruise ship, yacht or freighter?  Check, check and check.  Surf school in Hawaii or a yoga retreat in Morocco?  Weekend hotel getaway or a staycation?  I can help you with all of the above. The world is ready to be explored so LET’S GO!

I’m excited to explore this new adventure and see where this road, Arden Road, will lead me. Where will it lead you?

Arden Road Travel